Thursday, November 13, 2014

WOW! It's been a while!

Hello Everyone!

Can I say I've been a bit busy lately?  Honestly, I've been dealing with my husband and my mother and their health issues.  They both have back issues, similar in a way.  My husband has several old back injuries from playing football in high school and again in college.  But with his age now the added arthritis and the injury has caused many problems.  He actually got to the point where he couldn't walk on his left leg.  Had to use a cane in order to move around.  The low back and leg were always in pain.  They the leg started going numb and he couldn't use it.  Lost a lot of muscle tone.  So his doctors sent him to the pain specialist for epidural injections.  they ended up doing 4 of them, but not any better. 

Now, my mother is 87 years old.  She has the normal back issues of an 87 year old.  But she also has scoliosis that was never taken care of when she was a child.  So now she has that added problem and a lot of pain. 

So...I was taking my husband in for his back injections one day a week and then driving out to Scottsdale (an hour away from where I live) to take my mom in for her injections.  This went on for a month and a half.  Then in September my husband had surgery.  He's still recuperating but much, much better!!!  As for mom, she's doing better too.  The last injection really helped her.  But she's do for another one soon. 

Please take care of your back because as we age we will have arthritis and if you have an injury it will just get worse.  Take care of yourself and those around you that you love.  :-)

Have a great day!  I will be posting some of the new things I've been listing in my Etsy shop.