Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Holidays...Blessing To All

Hi Everyone!

If any of you are like me, I'm never ready for the holidays. There always seems to be more that needs to be done, and yet it always seems to go smoothly and everything comes together in the end. Or maybe we just don't fret like we use to and if it gets done, it gets done. I think I'm learning to live with that latter point of view. LOL!

This year for Christmas, our family is going to have a really special celebration! Our two daughters are grown and have families of their own. We've had to learn to share our kids with their in laws as well as with our daughter's ex-husband. So the one daughter who lives here has to share her son with her ex-husband every other year. It's been hard to deal with, but we make the best of it. Her husband is a police officer and sometimes is working on the holiday. I guess crime never takes a break, right?

Now the other daughter and her family live in San Diego. Her husband is an officer in the Navy and is out to sea from time to time. Because of their scheduling constraints, we aren't always able to get together for Christmas. The last few years that we've been all together for Christmas, either one of our sons in law or our grandson were not there. Someone always seems to be missing.

So, this year my prayers have been answered! We are ALL going to be under one roof for the holiday! I still can't believe it! It's such a blessing to have us all together for the holiday. AND in celebration of the holiday we've decided to make each other gifts. It doesn't matter what it is as long as you made it with household items! (What a great idea...whoever suggested that idea was an awesome person!) LOL! We've decided that it had to be made from something in the home. It can be something baked, a written poem, a hand written card, anything that is handmade. My one grandson, who is a twin wanted to know if his brother could do his homework for a week as a gift to himself. WRONG! LOL! Try again!

They have gotten the idea and I see them working on it. Our grand daughters are working on "girly" things and baking. Not so sure what the boys are cooking up, but I'm sure it'll be interesting! I can't wait to see all their ideas. And I plan on taking lots of pictures. Who know when we can all be together again.

As for my husband and I, we have some other plans. We are just going to be taking in the wonderful time with our kids and grand kids. Just loving every minute of it! We are truly blessed!

So have a wonderful holiday season. I hope your holidays are just full of many blessings as I know ours will be.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Friday, February 12, 2010

TGIF! Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm so glad it Friday. It's been a very long week and I'm already going to have a very busy weekend planned!

I did manage to get these earrings listed the other day. I'm calling these Annie, only because the whole time I was making them, my cat, Annie kept trying to crawl into my lap. LOL! So, they are called "Annie". These are made of a thick gauge sterling silver wire, but the earring part is 20 gauge, just perfect for your ears. They've been formed, hammered and tumbled for strength and shine. If you would like these oxidized, that can be done for you. Just ask. No extra charges either. You can get to these by clicking the name Annie or by clicking the picture. They are listed in my Artfire Studio.
Have a great weekend. Hope you all do something special for Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello! I'm Alive!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've had time to visit my blog. A lot has happened!!!

First off, we had a wonderful holiday. I hope you all did too. We stayed home for Christmas. Had a great celebration with our family. Then for New Years we went to San Diego. Only the Sunday after Christmas, one of my patients shared with me. I got an upper respiratory virus. We went anyways to visit our daughter and her family. Part of their family was getting over being sick and the other half we just coming down with the same thing. Only the day after arriving in San Diego, I got really sick. We had a great time with the kids, but came home a day early because of being so sick. That was six to seven weeks ago, I'm still coughing. I think I had pneumonia. I was miserable! But on the mend now.

Then to top off all the confusion, we opened another business in town here. Man, I work all day at the doctor's office, then run to my other office to meet with clients. Then rush home to make jewelry! When do I sleep??? Haven't figured that part out yet. LOL! I'm working on it.

We opened a weight control center. I so believe in the program that I've been on that I've decided to jump in and do this. My boss supports me 100% and send a lot of our patients to me for counseling. I've even gotten my husband on the program. He was an our of control diabetic by his own choosing! But he decided to do the diet. He's lowered the amount of insulin he takes to almost nothing and has lost almost 20 pounds in the process. This is AWESOME!!!! His sugars are very well in control now. First time in about 8 years! I can't complain at all. I'm very proud of him. He's worked hard at this and it's paying off! I've lost 68 pounds now and keeping it off has never been so easy! I just love this program. It's called Ideal Protein, it's soy protein, a whole lot easier on your body. It works for us, and that's why we decided to start a program for others. I'll include my before and after pictures here. I still have about 10 more pounds to go and hoping I can get that off in the next few weeks.

This was last summer with both my daughter while we were all in San Diego. I won't tell you all what I weighed there, but it was the most I've ever weighed!

This was the other night after the lost of 68 pounds. I'm wearing those same brown pants which just fall off of me now. This diet works!
Hope you all have a great week!