Saturday, June 28, 2008

Busy Week!

Good Morning Everyone!

Man, I had a very busy week! I ended up working 48.5 hours this weeks. I'm not use to working that much! LOL! But I sure do like getting that money when it comes in. :) It's also been a hot week here too. But I think we might be moving into monsoon season and the temps seem to drop a little bit, but the humidity goes way up. So we can't win either way! LOL! But at least the sun won't be blazing everyday. There will be some clouds to block it here and there. that does help somewhat!

I'm just hoping with the weekend here that I have time to create. I did get a new pair of earrings listed earlier in the week and I'll be listing another pair in a little bit. I do have some items on sale and will again for the next two weeks. So come on by and take a peek, you might find something you like! :-)


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