Saturday, December 13, 2008

Procrastinator.....Who me?

Who procratinates here? The word procratinate; to put off, to delay. Oh, hummm.....none of us here do that, right? I always have all my ducks in a row, well except for maybe one. At least I don't loose them. The best well laid plans don't always come to fruition, do they? Well, I know my plans don't always come to completion as hard as I try sometimes.

Ok, I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. Have you? I know I'm not the only one out there, or am I? Aaaa, isn't Christmas in LESS than two weeks? Maybe I should go to the stores. I just HATE shopping, unless it's for myself of course! LOL! And then who doesn't like shopping, right? It was both my daughters birthdays last week, so I just can't seem to get in the spirit of shopping until I'm done with their birthdays. Even though they are adults, married and have children of their own, it's just out of line to think of shopping when their birthdays are upon us. Which brings up another point, why did I have two daughters in the same month, two days apart, and why on earth in December? I swear, I didn't have a thing to do with that! I did get that question for years from them also, why did they have to share their birthdays with each other. Why were their birthdays in December? Gee Mom, couldn't you plan better? They both swore they wouldn't do that to their children, but now one daughter has two children born in June, 10 days apart and the other daughter had twins the first time around. I guess they didn't plan either.

So, back to Christmas shopping...I'm going to start it tomorrow. Seriously, with the economic times that we find ourselves in, we aren't buying gifts for the family. We had a family meeting and we've all decided that we don't need anything. We've pooled our money together and are helping a family in our Church who have four children and not a penny to their names. They both have college degrees but both were laid off of their jobs. Jobs here in AZ are scarce to say the least, as I'm sure they are across this country. But the children don't need to suffer. Since we've started our plan here, we've gotten many people in the our families and friends to join in. We've ended up with a beautiful little nest egg for this family. We are really going shopping tomorrow for them. The young man told us if he gets a job soon, which he's been applying for many, he will pay us all back. We told him to pay it forward to another family in need. Lord knows there are many families in need today.

So I guess it's time to stop the procrastinating and get with the program. Really, I can't wait to go shopping tomorrow. It'll be a family thing, that will be fun. Just wish the temperatures were a bit cooler, it'll feel more like Christmas, not like living in the desert! LOL! Oh, and we will be buying for our own grandchildren, we wouldn't want them to think Grandma and Grandpa are complete looney toons! LOL!

Have a great day!


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