Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Is Here!

I know some of you just live for the summers. I happen to not like the summers. It's just way to hot to enjoy yourself, unless you are sitting in a pool, or maybe you are a lizard! Here's a picture of what I look at everyday, only this was taken in the spring, all that green you see, it's now all brown. Pretty boring!

So this is how my day went. I got to work and it was already hot in the building. But it was getting pretty warm outside already so the AC had to work on overdrive to get it comfortable again. Then at lunch I had to go out for an appointment. But I had forgotten that when I parked my car to make sure the sun wouldn't be shining in the front window of the car or on the drivers side. So I reached for the handle and burned my hand, forgot to put my hot pad in my purse so I wouldn't burn my hand! So I had to take my shirt and use it as a hot pad, you think I'm kidding don't you? I'm dead serious! Once I finally get in the car, I had forgotten to put up the sun screen, so now I can't touch the steering wheel. Can't take my shirt off to use it now can I? So I searched in the car and found a plastic bag in the glove compartment. Great idea! I wrapped that around the steering wheel. But by the time I got to my appointment, and this is no lie, the plastic bag was stuck to the steering wheel! I tried to pull it off, but it just stretched more. I just left it and went back to the cool building, but when I came out after work, it was still there. It just melted even more! LOL! I still have pieces of plastic flapping around the steering wheel. Oh, how I hate the summers living in the desert!

Hope some of you are enjoying yours! Some day I'll tell you all about the day we, fried eggs on the sidewalk. Our mom didn't think it was very funny!



Orion Designs said...

While I do love the heat, I forgot how hot those car parts really get. The year that I lived in Scottsdale was full of learning experiences like the one you describe here -- but not as funny!

Canadian Rockies Art - Nathalie Girard said...

Poor honey - man those steering wheels can get so hot, it's unreal.

I love the heat, but I sure can do without burning hot cars!

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