Friday, February 12, 2010

TGIF! Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm so glad it Friday. It's been a very long week and I'm already going to have a very busy weekend planned!

I did manage to get these earrings listed the other day. I'm calling these Annie, only because the whole time I was making them, my cat, Annie kept trying to crawl into my lap. LOL! So, they are called "Annie". These are made of a thick gauge sterling silver wire, but the earring part is 20 gauge, just perfect for your ears. They've been formed, hammered and tumbled for strength and shine. If you would like these oxidized, that can be done for you. Just ask. No extra charges either. You can get to these by clicking the name Annie or by clicking the picture. They are listed in my Artfire Studio.
Have a great weekend. Hope you all do something special for Valentine's Day!


Elise said...

I love them !

Have a lovely weekend

Creative Treasures by Donna said...

Thank you Elisa. You too have a great weekend.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Veganosaurus said...

Beautiful hoops Donna. I wonder if Annie knew you were gonna name them after her if she jumped on your lap while you were making them! Might've been her master plan. :D LOL

Can't wait to see more of your gorgeous creations. :)

rtfgvb778 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Hilton said...

They are beautiful.

katrina said...

Very beautiful!

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