Friday, August 21, 2015



It was our anniversary this past Wednesday.  We've been married for 43 years.  Yep, we are old farts!  Haha!  When we got engaged we were at a Three Dog Night concert in Phoenix.  We got married almost to the day a year later.  We have a big wedding with a ton of people there.  It was great!  What my dad and a good family friend didn't tell my husband and I was that our family friend's daughter was married to one of the band member in Three Dog Night.  They were at the wedding.  We didn't even notice!  I guess you can tell where our minds were!  Ha!  After the wedding and reception we were getting ready to leave that when my dad and our family friend told us about the special guest that was there.  It was Great!  Wish we had known sooner, but the guy and my parents didn't want to take anything away from our wedding. 

SO...this Saturday, tomorrow, we are going down to Tucson to a Three Dog Night concert!  It sure will bring back many memories for us.  We are so looking forward to the concert!  I've been singing, "Just An Old Fashion Love Song"  all week!  lol!  Memories!!!

Have a great weekend whatever you do and have fun!  Make some memories for you and your family land friends!


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