Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fall In Arizona

Fall is finally here in Arizona!  The leaves on our trees are turning fall colors and falling off the tree.  It's beautiful to see, but a mess to clean up.  We only have four trees that do this, the rest stay green all year long. Our average temps this time of year are usually in the mid 60's but it's been a lot warmer lately, more in the 70's.  In fact it was in the 80's on Thanksgiving.  It was nice!  Maybe this is why everyone wants to move here?  Well, if you can stand the long HOT summers then you will be awarded the beautiful winters we have here. 

I've listed quite a few things since I last listed things here.  Here are a few of those listings. Enjoy



These are just a few of the new listings I have.  Many necklaces and new earrings.  You can click on the pictures and the link will take you to the ones listed above.  Hope you have a great day!


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