Friday, December 12, 2014


It sure has been busy around here!  I'm sure you all are just as busy.  I had to drive into town today (I live 48 miles one direction to my Mom's in Scottsdale), to have dinner with my Mother and sister.  We had a great time.  However, I think my sister and I were the youngest ones in there and I'm retired!  LOL!  What the problem was for this evening was the traffic!  Okay, so it was rush hour when I was headed that direction, but it's also Snowbird season...winter visitor season!  YIKES!  Our population more than triples in the winter months.  I think they were all head in the same direction on the freeway as I was and to the same restaurant we were going to!  I think I'll stay off the freeways for a while, like till about April when they all go home!

I did manage to get some new earrings made.   I will be posting them soon. For now since most of the country is experiencing winter weather, not here it was 77 today, here are a few shawl pins or sweater pins.

Have a great day!


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