Sunday, July 19, 2009

Future Ballerinas~

This evening, my daughter and I were having a conversation about when she and her sister were young and they were into dance. We spent hours, not to mention the money that was spent, on their dance. Our older daughter was into ballet, while the younger daughter was into jazz and tap. I even learned how to make tutu's and was the wardrobe mistress for about three years. Our older daughter had tried out for a chance to go to New York City and take classes at the famous Joffrey Ballet. She was one of the eight who were chosen out of about 150 who tried out. She had a wonderful time, really learned a lot. She then went onto the Houston Ballet and danced there for several years. When she was 16 she realized that she couldn't go any further, she had damaged her knees from all the abuse that ballerinas have on their bodies. She decided to do the drill team at her high school instead. I guess that was an easy trade off! Our younger daughter decided that track and field, running and jumping hurdles and boys was her thing. So she left the dance scene too. So after 9 years of taking someone here or there, fix this tutu, get these all altered in two days, finding special point shoes because one of your daughters has weird feet, all night rehearsals, driving here or there, it was sort of a relief when we didn't have to do it anymore. LOL! I still miss it though.......

Now we have another ballerina in the family, sort of, one of my grand daughters. She has taken two years of dance so far, but is taking a rest, she says. She's doing cheer now. I still long for that little ballerina. Maybe one of my grand daughters will go into the dance world. That would be nice. Here is a picture of me and my grand daughter at her rehearsal. Isn't she adorable? :-)

The lovely picture of this peaceful baby in the tutu above is by paisleyandposies. Isn't she just the most precious baby you ever saw? Please check out her shop, she has some amazing things for children and adults. Love those tutus!

Hope you all have a great Monday! And for those of you who live in the southwest deserts, stay indoors where it's cool!



Paisley and Posies said...

Thanks for featuring us!!!

Marie S said...

Nice post Donna, I enjoyed it.
Your Grand Daughter is precious and that smile, I love that picture.
I love the baby one too, so cute.
Stay cool yourself, it is hot here, we were all ready to chew each others heads off yesterday.
I hope we get a break soon and am wishing we had some june gloom again.
Have a great week.

Orion Designs said...

Your granddaughter is a little beauty!

Anonymous said...


Canadian Rockies Art - Nathalie Girard said...

Awwww.... your grand-daughter is just the cutest! (and the little baby in the picture is so adorable)

Lovely post Donna :)

Creative Treasures by Donna said...

Thank you everyone! I'm sure my grand daughter would love to hear your comments.

Isn't the little baby just the cutest thing you ever seen?