Monday, July 13, 2009

I Want It To Snow!

This past weekend had gone to San Diego, CA to visit with our daughter and her family. Our son in law is in the Navy and was out to sea for the past six months and returned last week. Plus our grandsons and grand daughter were baptized on Sunday. So we had quite a few blessings to celebrate while there. I was a nice reprieve from what was going on at home. You see, I live in the southwest desert. It got a bit, shall we say..."toasty" while we were gone! It was 115 on Saturday! Yep, I wrote that right! It was a rather cool 90 in San Diego. Loved it.

Now coming home we stopped Yuma, AZ to get gas. When I stepped out of the car I thought my
shoes and the pavement were going to become ONE! It was so dang HOT! I went into the stop to get some cool drinks when the lady said that it was 118. You read that right...118!!! I thought someone forgot to tell me I had died and where I just went! Unbelievable! All I could think about was snow, how I wished I was in SNOW!

So we leave Yuma after we got some ice cream, which by the way is another story, but you learn to eat it FAST! So we travel just a little bit down Interstate 8 when we come upon a Border Patrol stop. They are all a long the way. Just coming from Phoenix to San Diego we hit three of them. So, they stop all the traffic, to one lane. You can guess what happened here. People's cars and trucks were overheating, they had to turn them off. Luckily our car did not overheat. But I sure felt sorry for those who did while we sat there for 55 minutes waiting our turn to get checked out by the Border Patrol and the dogs. Again....SNOW!!!!

When we made it back home, it was 9:30 at night and it was still 101 outside. LOL! I jumped in the pool to cool off!
The first piece of artwork is, After The Storm by Wildartsweb.

The second piece of artwork, Winter Solitude, by DLTaylorArt.
Have a great and cool day. Stay indoors with the AC cranked up!


Marie S said...

Oh my Donna and I am sitting here complaining about a 100 degrees. I am inland San Diego!!
You came at just the right time! Stay cool. It is going to be another hot one (for us) today.

Orion Designs said...

While I don't really like the thought of 115, the thought of snow right now is making me a little queasy!

I've been enjoying our gorgeous summer. It has hit 80 nearly everyday! A miracle, for sure.

Creative Treasures by Donna said...

Thank you Marie and Vicki!

Vicki, 80 sounds so good right about now.


b.hawk said...

Hello, I'm letting you know that you've been awarded the "One Lovely Blog" award! I've added your blog to my list, and you can view it here:

Creative Treasures by Donna said...

b.hawk, thank you for the award. It was very sweet of you.

Deronda designs... said...

Not sure which would be worse...your 118 degrees in the summer or my 40 below in the winter.

Creative Treasures by Donna said...

You're right about that Deronda. I think I'd take the cold. You can always put on more clothes, but when it so hot, you can only take off so much, then there's nothing more to take off...and you're still HOT! LOL!