Sunday, August 2, 2009

~New Listing - Violet~

While I was sitting around this weekend not doing much, I decided to make this pair of earrings. I love to make clusters, they are so pretty. So Violet was born. She's really pretty, don't you think? She loves to show off her gems, as in stones. Now don't go thinking something different! She's made of artisan handmade lampwork beads, amethyst, garnets and sterling silver. You can find her temporary home in my etsy shop. Just click on her name and she'll be happy to show off her gems!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We did, our daughter and her family from San Diego were in town. We had a wonderful time with the kids in the pool. They sure love that water!
Have a great day!



Athena's Armoury said...

They're beautiful!

Marie S said...

These are gorgeous Donna!!
I am so glad you had a great weekend!! Have a GREAT week too!

Creative Treasures by Donna said...

Thank you Athena and Marie. Appreciate it. :-)

Orion Designs said...

Those are gorgeous Donna! I love clusters too.

Hilton said...

Sparkling, beautiful colours. The time was created for you to make those earings.

Creative Treasures by Donna said...

Thank you Vicki and Hilton. :-)