Saturday, May 3, 2014


Today I was in a seminar all day long in Phoenix.  It was the best seminar I think I've ever been to regarding the organization we belong to.  Our commodity is travel.  Plan and simple!  We had two of the best in our industry training us today.  These young men are so inspiring!  It's just amazing how one young man who is 25 and retired already and retiring his parents now too!!!  WOW is about all I can say!

My husband and I have already taken one big trip last February and are looking forward to several more this summer.  We took a Caribbean cruise to Cozumel and in Sept we are going to the Bahamas.  We have a two more trips planned in between throughout the summer.  One to Houston and another to Vegas.  Wish I could be gone ALL summer when it's just so dang hot here.  Maybe I can plan it that way next year!  LOL!  I love my life and retired to!  We never thought we could do this, but someone showed us how and you can't stop us now!  Come join us!

Have a great weekend!  Will be listing new designs next week.


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