Monday, June 22, 2009

"My New Girlfriend! "

I got an email from my son-in-law yesterday
that said, "My New Girlfriend." This is what I found when I opened up the email. I was so happy that Sarah Palin took time out of her day to visit the USS Stennis to talk with my son-in-law (the on on the right) and the sailors that have been out to sea now for 6 months.

Military life can be very hard on a young families. I know from watching my daughter and her family. They have three small children and from
watching her and the other military families around them, this is real sacrifice. I love my military men and women and I'm very proud of
them. I'm happy to see that she does too.

My son-in-law has been gone for over 6 months now, he's on his way home. He's suppose to be back in San Diego in two weeks. We all will be there to welcome them into port. We are very proud of him. He's an awesome young man!

God Bless our military!



Marie S said...

Nice post and picture!
I am so happy for you all that your
son-in-law is coming home!!

Creative Treasures by Donna said...

Thank you Marie. We are very excited indeed!