Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Computer Issues! UGH!

Today did not start out nice to say the least!  My computer wouldn't connect with the internet.  Not sure what was wrong so I turned off the computer and turned it back on.  Nope, it still wouldn't work.  Bummer!  So I turned it off again and left it off for a while.  Turned it back on and tried again.  No, the same thing, did this 3 times by now.  So I checked to make sure my wireless button was turned on, I have a habit of hitting it and turning it off.  It was on.  I turned it off and back on.  No luck!  Unplugged the computer and plugged it back in.  Checked my modem, it was on.  I was a bit annoyed by this point!  So I turned to my phone, thank goodness for smart phones, and left a message on my facebook page saying what my issues were.  A friend suggested turning off the modem and back on.  Guess what?  I'm back in business! 

Dang computers!  Can't live with them and can't live without them!!!

Have a great day everyone!


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